Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about our Capo Artisan Series Modular Masonry Fireplaces.

Wood-Burning Models:  AS33, AS39, AS43, AS44, AS49, AS63.


Q: Are these fireplaces safe?

A: Yes. They are listed by the PFS testing agency and the ICC (International Code Council). Also, they have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories, UL 127 Standard for safety, and quality control requirements are used in manufacturing. (ESR-2401)


Q: Is it possible to install the fireplace on a wood floor?

A: Yes. Make sure to use the required metal base under the unit. You can use the one sold by Capo Artisan Series, or a CMU block. Depending on the model, airspace clearances range from 6″ to 8″.


Q: Is it necessary to install the outside air kit on the fireplace?

A: To see if it is required in your area, check the local building codes. The fireplace will work without the outside air kit, but it is more effective to use outside air for combustion.


Q: Do I have to put firebrick inside the firebox?

A: Yes. Capo can give you firebrick panels for simple installation, or you can have a mason lay the firebrick for you.


Q: What kind of chimney should be used on these fireplaces?

A: These fireplaces have been tested with a masonry chimney by Capo, and Class A listed metal chimney. Each model can use different diameter metal chimneys that will fit most installation needs.


Q: What are the minimum and maximum fireplace heights?

A: After installation, the maximum overall height of the Capo Artisan Series fireplace is 40 feet. If the chimney is straight, the minimum installation height is 14 feet and 17 feet if it is not straight.


Q: Should I have a grate or log holder in the fireplace?

A: Yes, you will need a grate to hold the wood in the firebox. This allows for better safety and combustion.


Q: Am I allowed to install a mantel, decorative stone or marble on the front of the fireplace?

A: Yes, just make sure to follow the instructions regarding safe installations.


Q: Can I install decorative gas logs or a log lighter in this wood-burning fireplace?

A: Yes. Again, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe operation and installation.


Q: Is it possible to install a glass door on the fireplace?

A: Yes. Be sure to follow the instructions and always keep the doors wide open when the fireplace is in use.


Q: Can these fireplaces be installed on upper levels of a building?

A: Yes. Due to its lightweight construction, Capo fireplaces will work on most applications. Before installation, have a structural engineer inspect the flooring to determine the load limit.


Q: Are there see-through wood-burning fireplaces available?

A: Yes, this is the ASST43 model. Most installations will require a chimney exhaust-type fan to be set up as well.


Q: Are these fireplaces capable of being installed outside?

A: Yes, they can be installed BOTH indoors and outdoors.


Gas-Burning Models: ASG43, ASG39, ASGST43,  ASG44, ASG49.


Q: Can I install a gas-burning fireplace outside?

A: Yes, it is possible to install these inside and outside. Make sure that the unit is set up in an area that is sheltered from the weather.


Q: Is this type of fireplace safe to use?

A: Yes. It has been tested by the ANSI Z21.50 for gas fireplaces and is listed by PFS testing laboratories. For safe use, be sure to follow the operating instructions.


Q: Is it possible to install this fireplace on a wood floor?

A: Yes


Q: Can wood be burned in a gas fireplace?

A: NO!


Q: What kind of chimney should I use for this gas fireplace system?

A: The B-Vent chimney and Class A chimney can both be used with this fireplace. Follow the guidelines for safe installations.


Q: Am I allowed to install a glass door on a gas fireplace?

A: Yes. Keep the doors fully open when using the fireplace and make sure to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


Q: Do I need to have firebrick inside these fireboxes?

A: Yes. You can either have a mason lay the firebrick, or Capo can provide firebrick panels for easy installation.


Q: Is there a see-through gas-burning fireplace I can install?

A:  Yes, the ASGST43 model.


Q: Can this gas fireplace be installed in a bedroom?

A: This will depend on the building codes. The fireplace would be safe to install in a bedroom, but you need to follow the local building codes.



Vent-Free Gas-Burning Models:  ASGVF39, ASGVF44, ASGVF49.


Q: Are these fireplaces safe to use?

A: Yes. They have been tested to the ANSI Standard for vent-free fireplaces. For safe operation, make sure to follow the vent-free gas log manufacturer’s instructions.


Q: Can this fireplace be installed on a wood floor?

A: Yes


Q: Am I allowed to burn wood in a vent-free gas fireplace?

A: NO!


Q: Can I put decorative gas logs in this type of fireplace?

A: No. Only vent-free gas logs can be used for safe installation and operation.


Q: What about a log lighter?

A: No! A log lighter cannot be installed in a vent-free gas fireplace.


Q: What kind of chimney is installed on this fireplace?

A: There is no chimney used with this fireplace.


Q: Is this unit allowed to be installed anywhere in the country?

A: No. Before installing, you need to check the local building codes to see if vent-free gas fireplaces are allowed.


Q: Can this gas fireplace be installed in a bedroom?

A: That depends on the building codes for your area, so be sure to check. Most manufacturers and areas do not allow vent-free fireplaces to be installed in bedrooms.


General Information: 


Q: Is it possible to install a Capo Artisan Series fireplace system on the second floor?

A: Yes. This series has been designed specifically for installation on multi-level floors. Structural engineering will be needed in these instances.


Q: What are the benefits of using the Capo Artisan Series fireplace systems?

A: Some advantages include:

  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Quality construction
  • Lack of inherent problems typically found in traditional metal firebox systems


Q: Where can I purchase a Capo Artisan Series product?

A: You can visit any of our various locations throughout California. Contact us directly at 1-844-254-CAPO for a list of stores near you.


Q: Should I have a mason install my firebox system?

A: Any Capo Artisan Series fireplace should be installed by a technician trained in Capo Artisan Series fireplace installation.


Q: What can I use to finish the fireplace?

A: The Capo fireplaces can be finished with any of these non-combustible materials: tile, marble, brick or stone. Typically they need to have a thickness of 1¼”. The exterior can be finished with the same non-combustible materials, including wood siding. Make sure to follow what the installation instructions say about proper clearances.


Q: How are these fireplace systems cleaned?

A: The Capo Artisan Series fireplaces will be inspected every six months, and cleaned once a year.


The Capo Artisan Series masonry fireplace system is top-quality, easy to install and use, and very affordable. Due to its lightweight construction, it can also be installed on upper-levels of your property. Fill out our inquiry form or call us today at 1-844-254-CAPO so you can begin taking advantage of our multi-story Capo Artisan Series masonry fireplace system.