Here at Capo , we are a professional team with over a hundred years of experience in the fireplace-building industry. We offer high-quality masonry fireplaces for architects, builders, and homeowners alike. Our Capo Artisan Series comes with many advantages. For example, they allow builders and consumers to assemble indoor and outdoor fireplaces using professional-grade masonry fireplace kits. Plus, they are half the cost of traditional hand-built fireplaces.

When thinking about installing a fireplace on their property, some homeowners consider metal fireplaces. It is true that some metal fireplaces are less-expensive and offer fast installation, but they are also a lower-quality option. Therefore, you should consider masonry fireplace kits from Capo. They are a high-quality and budget-friendly alternative. 

Metal Fireplace Challenges

Metal fireplaces can sometimes mirror the style of masonry models. However, even the more expensive metal models often have fake firebrick and exposed metal. The Capo Artisan Series has firebrick panels made out of actual firebrick and grout lines. Additionally, the only chimney option for metal fireplaces is a metal chimney, which can give the fireplace a cheaper look.

Another disadvantage of metal fireplaces is their weak durability. Masonry kit fireplaces are much sturdier than metal ones. Over time, metal fireplaces can become rusty if they come in contact with water or moisture. They can also develop cracks from being exposed to high heat over long periods of time. As a result, you might end up needing to replace your metal fireplace after only five to ten years of use. On the other hand, Capo Artisan Series masonry fireplace kits have a much longer life expectancy.  

There are many more disadvantages to choosing a metal fireplace. For example, there are limited size options available. This is because the cost of the steel rises with the size of the firebox. As a result, most metal fireplaces are small. Masonry indoor or outdoor fireplace kits do not have these size limitations.

Another challenge with metal fireplaces is wasted heat. They often leak heat out of the sides and back of the structure, ineffectively heating the room.

The Advantages of Masonry Fireplaces

Capo’s selection of fireplace kits provides higher-quality masonry alternatives to metal fireplaces. The company’s wood-burning fireplaces come in seven different sizes, with custom-built options available. Even though they are concrete masonry fireboxes, they weigh half as much as competitor’s masonry models.This gives you the option of installing a fireplace anywhere, such as an upper-room floor or outdoors. Capo Artisan Series also offers gas-burning fireplaces, which come with a remote control and natural-looking logs. Whether you choose a gas-powered or wood-burning fireplace, Capos’s fireplaces are great for any indoor or outdoor space.

When you decide to upgrade your living area with a new fireplace, there are many options to choose from. You should never have to settle for low- quality products. Metal fireplaces may be quick and easy to install and cheaper than other fireplaces. However, their quality doesn’t even compare to Capo’s wood-burning and gas masonry fireplaces. You can rely on the professionals at Capo Artisan Series to meet all of your modular fireplace needs. They can help you create the charming living area you’ve always wanted at an affordable price.