Have you ever heard of a modular outdoor fireplace? It is a fireplace that has multiple parts that you put together in order to construct the actual fireplace. These components usually include two vertical sides and a back. The horizontal lintel (or headstone) is placed on top of the back piece. Above the lintel, you can put a mantel shelf or multiple horizontal segments that sometimes include a ‘cushion’ stone.

Capo Offers the Best

Here at Capo, the modular outdoor fireplaces we provide are of the highest-quality. They have been built efficiently and with much attention to detail. Most importantly, they have been designed with safety in mind. These elements of construction make it possible for any event or family gathering to be a success, regardless of the weather forecast.

Capo Artisan Series masonry modular fireplaces are factory-built and come in various sizes. We even offer a 43″ see-through model! Our modular concrete fireboxes have the highest heat-resistant durability out there and are the most lightweight of their kind. When it comes to federal and state seismic building code requirements, these fireplaces excel in their standards. They also meet all local seismic construction specifications.

Advantages of Modular Outdoor Fireplaces

When thinking about buying a modular outdoor fireplace, a homeowner or contractor typically looks for quality and convenience. This is where the Capo Artisan Series can help. Modular outdoor fireplaces are approximately half the price as conventional masonry wood burning fireplaces and weigh about half as much. This lightweight construction makes modular fireplaces easy to transport, which causes shipping and handling costs to be lower as well.

Assembling an outdoor living area has numerous advantages. Firstly, it will provide more space inside your current home and allow you to take advantage of every inch available. It is also much less expensive than moving to a bigger place. Furthermore, having an outdoor spot for entertaining isn’t limited to the summer months. Extending your gathering area to the outdoors allows you to enjoy it year-round when you have a modular fireplace installed outside. Think of the holiday parties you can enjoy in the snowy backyard while keeping toasty and warm in front of your outdoor modular fireplace. 

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