If you are thinking about adding a fireplace to your home, consider the many options of modular fireplace kits. They are easy to install for both professional architects and consumers. Here at Mason-Lite, we have the finest selection of fireplace-building materials. We offer a wide variety of modular wood-burning and gas-burning fireplace kits that can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Capo Artisan Series modular fireplace kits come in many different sizes. We offer 33-inch, 39-inch, 44-inch, 63-inch, and 75-inch fireboxes. There is also a 43-inch see-through model available. To construct a one-of-a-kind style for your fireplace, Mason-Lite provides an array of accessories to choose from. All of these designs can be used indoors, or outdoors if you choose to upgrade your backyard with a charming fireplace.

Fireplace Kit Components

The 33-inch fireplace model has the option of burning wood or gas. Additionally, it can be installed inside your home or as a modular outdoor fireplace. It is the perfect size for small spaces and is made out of lightweight material. This means that it can be installed anywhere, including decks or other areas with wood framing. The full 33-inch fireplace kit comes with all the parts to build a firebox that has a 33-inch wide and 24-inch high opening. It also includes two feet of masonry chimney and a bag of mortar.

Likewise, the 39-inch, 44-inch, and 49-inch kits contain all the necessary components for constructing a modular fireplace. They can be installed anywhere you want, and come with the following materials:

  • Walls
  • Rating plates
  • Hearths
  • Steel supports
  • Lintels
  • All-thread bars
  • Rebars

If you prefer a gas-burning fireplace, you can choose the Capo Artisan Series Gas B Vent System. This fireplace model includes a hand-held remote control and R.H. Peterson “Real Fyre” gas logs, which look like actual wood.

Additional Accessories

The company’s bigger modular fireplace kits (63-inch and 75-inch models) have the same parts as the 39-inch, 44-inch, and 49-inch options. They just come with more and/or larger-sized materials. To customize and complete the look of your modular fireplace, Mason-Lite offers a full selection of accessories. Some of these products include:

  • Masonry chimneys
  • Metal chimneys
  • Masonry firebrick panels
  • Arches  for added design appeal
  • Metal bases for installation on combustible floors

There are some materials and tools that will need to be purchased from a hardware store before you begin your fireplace construction project. For example, you will need building tools such as a masonry trowel, a level, and any other tools listed in the manual. Capo Artisan Series kits also come with detailed instructions to guide you through the building process. If you have all the materials needed beforehand, construction of these fireplaces can be done in a feasible amount of time. Building the smaller models could take as little as a few hours if you are prepared ahead of time.

Using a modular fireplace kit means that you can enjoy having a working fireplace soon after purchase. This is true whether you construct it yourself, or choose to hire a professional builder. Buying a kit from the professionals at Capo Artisan Series guarantees your fireplace will be built out of the highest-quality materials.

If you are looking for a more traditional style, Capo Artisan Series offers the Rumford fireplace design, which has historical significance.