Having an outdoor brick fireplace used to be rare and viewed as a luxury. Today, it is a home addition that is becoming more popular since the costs are more affordable. We all want to improve and increase our living space, especially with a growing family. As the kids get older, they begin to want their own space. One way to achieve the goal of having an additional living area is to have an outdoor brick fireplace installed. This can help you make full use of any outdoor space you have available. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy your outdoor living space year round.

Adding a brick outdoor fireplace to your backyard is just the beginning. It can lay the foundation for other improvements, such as seating and planting. By planting on the perimeter of your property, you can be shielded from wind and have privacy from neighbors. You will be able to create a cozy, intimate space that can be enjoyed in every season.

Ways to Spruce Up the Backyard

Some good plants that you can put on the edge of your property to act as screens include ‘Green Giants’ or Thuja. These fast-growing evergreens can reach about 40′-50′ or more in height and grow 15′-20′ wide. They are a great type of tree if you have a large backyard and want to create a tall screen. However, it could be too large to grow in smaller lots. Another quickly growing plant is ‘Chindo’ Viburnum, a small evergreen tree or shrub with large, shiny dark green leaves. It can reach 15′-20′ in height and 8′-10′ in width, and occasionally produces clusters of red berries. This would be a perfect addition to an outdoor Christmas party. Make sure not to plant these where the branches could grow over the backyard fireplace.

Think of how much extra use you can get from your outdoor space during seasons when most people stay indoors. Having comfortable seating would finish the look and create a perfect area for family and friends to gather. Furthermore, if you ever decide that you need to sell your home, brick outdoor fireplaces add extra value to the property. Many buyers would love the perk of a usable outdoor living space on their property.

Taking Advantage of Your New Space

Due to the difficult economy, many people can’t afford vacations or choose to stay at home. Improving your space at home with an outdoor brick fireplace can make this ‘stay-cation’ more comfortable and fun. To get the best deals for your home improvement, plan ahead and purchase items when they are out of season. Shop around for sales on outdoor furniture to complete your backyard living area. You may be surprised at how little you can spend to complete your backyard setup, including the cost of your fireplace.

We also offer a selection of prefab outdoor fireplace kits to choose from. So no matter what style you prefer, you can be guaranteed to find one you like.

Advantages of Prefab Outdoor FireplacesLearn more about pre-fabricated, or prefab, outdoor fireplaces as another option for your backyard.