Rumford-style fireplaces have been around for over two-hundred years. Today, the building professionals at Capo Artisan Series offer this classic style as an option for builders and homeowners. There are many accessories and custom designs available with the Rumford fireplaces. If you would like a timeless, high-quality model, choose the Capo Artisan Series Rumford fireplace.   

This fireplace design was originally invented by Count Rumford, an innovator born in Massachusetts who worked for the Bavarian government. Rumford fireplaces have historical significance, and Capo Artisan Series works to emulate that in even their modern designs. Thomas Jefforson had Rumford-style fireplaces in his home in Monticello. Additionally, author Henry David Thoreau noted that Rumford fireplaces were a convenient feature of life in the 19th century.

The Rumford Fireplace Design

Present-day Capo Artisan Series Rumford fireplaces follow the classic construction praised by these historical figures. The Rumford design features a tall, shallow build with a streamlined throat. This allows smoke to vent out of the room, while keeping the heat contained to effectively warm the room.

If you live in an historic home, you may want to accent the home’s authentic look by installing a Rumford fireplace. In addition, Rumford fireplaces can add classic American architecture to any room, whether it’s construction is old or new. If you love history and traditional styles, Capo Artisan Series Rumford fireplaces are the right choice for you.

Many Installation Options Available

Traditionally, the only purpose of a Rumford fireplace was to keep a room warm. Nowadays, these fireplaces are used by businesses and homeowners in many creative ways. For this reason, you have the option of installing your Rumford fireplace inside or outdoors. You can also choose to have it custom-built or use a Capo Artisan Series fireplace kit for construction. Capo Artisan Series recognizes that there is an ever-growing popularity of installing fireplaces in homes and businesses. Therefore, they are providing unique options for you to create the ambiance and atmosphere you desire. It is important to keep in mind that there are local wood-burning laws in your area. Make sure to follow these regulations so that you can fully enjoy the comfort of your new fireplace.

When selecting a Capo Artisan Series Rumford fireplace, there are many options available. If you would like to assemble it yourself, you can choose to customize a fireplace kit. These kits include optional height extensions for a long, narrow Rumford-style fireplace. The height extensions are available in eight-inch increments. This allows you to add as many as you want to create an elongated fireplace. Alternatively, if you want to go the custom-built route, our expert team can help you out. They have experience in customizing Rumford fireplaces to create the unique style that you want. Make sure to check the Chimney Sizing Chart when altering the opening of the fireplace so that it will draw correctly.

If a timeless historical design is your goal, then a Rumford fireplace style is your best option. This design has been in use since the 1790’s. Our Capo Artisan Series has the highest-quality building materials to suit your fireplace-constructing needs. You can also take advantage of Capos custom fireplace-building expertise. We will help you put together a one-of-a-kind Rumford-style design in your home or place of business.