If you are looking for a custom-built feel for your outdoor living space, you need to look into outdoor masonry fireplaces. A fireplace can enhance the look of any garden, patio, or outdoor area. These masonry fireplaces are made of stone or brick and are built onsite, typically using an outdoor masonry fireplace kit. They also offer great design flexibility.

Where To Begin

Before homeowners purchase their outdoor masonry fireplace kits, they need to consider a few things. First, whether they want to install it themselves or hire a professional to assist with the project. It is highly recommended to hire a professional mason so that the installation is done correctly and the proper techniques are used. Another thing to take into consideration before building a fireplace is the local building and fire codes. It is important to look into these since they can affect where and what you build.

When deciding where to build an outdoor fireplace, make sure it will be located away from any flammable materials, like shrubs and trees. After a place for construction is determined, homeowners can choose whatever style of outdoor masonry fireplace they want. There is a wide variety of building materials to choose from, including brick and stone, that can match the look of your yard.

Plenty of Design Options

An outdoor masonry fireplace made out of brick can give your space a traditional look. You can enhance this classic style with calm colors and well-ordered furnishings. Arrange these in a classical way to create a cozy outdoor gathering area.

If you prefer a more natural feel, stone masonry fireplace kits are a good option for your backyard. To have your fireplace blend in with the landscape, use neutral gray stones and a simple architecture. Contrarily, you can make your fireplace stand out by using stones of multiple colors and textures and varied sizes and shapes. Another option for a contrasting style is to use stones that are similar but adding small bricks that are a different color. You can add your own style to your outdoor fireplace by using a variety of built-in elements. These include recesses, moldings, and niches for storing wood or other materials.

Consider how you would like to create a unique outdoor space so that you can make the most of your masonry fireplace kit. To frame the area, you can construct a wall with materials that match your fireplace, or distinct components that have contrast. Another way you can enclose your outdoor space is by building a pergola. A pergola is a passageway or archway supported by columns. They usually have open, latticed roofs so that you can still look at the sky or the stars inside your gathering area. Lighting can also set the mood, provide ambiance, and accent your masonry fireplace. You can use a bright spotlight or illuminate it will a soft glow.

When it comes to outdoor masonry fireplace kits, there are numerous options available to create a design that matches your needs and style. Whether you prefer a classic look or a more contemporary design, you can count on the Capo Artisan Series. They have the best selection of building materials and professional expertise out there.