A fireplace can be a charming feature to any room, home, or business. However, a basic, flat-front style fireplace is not that aesthetically pleasing to some people. For this reason, more people are installing corner wood-burning fireplaces on their properties.

Capo Artisan Series offers fireplaces of many sizes and styles, including small models that fit nicely in the corner. Our expert team of fireplace professionals can help you choose the wood-burning fireplace that best fits your needs.

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Reason #1: A Cozy Fireplace Can Be Enjoyed Anywhere

If you live in an older home, condominium, or small town house, you know that the floor space available is limited. Living in a narrow dwelling with tiny rooms may have you thinking that installing a fireplace is not a practical option. Luckily, corner wood-burning units can fit quite comfortably in any available corner.

Furthermore, if you have large rooms, you can explore the option of subdividing them. You can create an intimate seating or reading area accentuated with a corner fireplace. This gives you all the floor space and furniture you need while maintaining a warm, cozy spot for those cold days.

Reason #2: Maximize Your Limited Space

Traditional flat-front fireplaces take up a large amount of wall and floor space. Even though this style is very classic, it can limit your options for decorations and furniture additions. Therefore, corner wood-burning fireplaces are a great alternative when space is limited. They use up very little wall space and do not protrude as far out into the room.

Before building your fireplace, be sure to consider your room layout carefully. You will need to factor in more than just the size of the fireplace. Consider the regular traffic flow of the room. Make sure that the fireplace will be located at least 36 inches away from any combustible wall that lacks protection. Adding a wall protector may reduce the clearance to only 12 inches. Plan for a non-combustible hearth extension on the front and side of the fireplace. Also, think about the space you will need for wood and fire-tending tools.

Reason #3: Adding Style and Comfort

Corner fireplaces are becoming increasingly more popular. Those who have a knack for interior decorating understand the value of space-saving corner wood-burning fireplaces. A corner unit allows for more wall space for decorations or furniture. They also supply necessary warmth to a room. Due to their smaller size, corner fireplaces can be installed in any room, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Homeowners often want their fireplaces to be the main attraction of the room. To accomplish this, adding a surround or mantle can draw attention to the corner fireplace. Artwork, lighting, and even flat screen TVs near the fireplace can draw the focal point to that specific corner as well.

Design professionals suggest that homeowners consider furniture placement layout before installing a wood-burning fireplace in a corner. The goal is to create a comfortable living area. You can have the furniture that is most often used face the fireplace. Also, try using furniture groupings and area rugs to match the angle of your corner fireplace. If you only have a small seating area, use lightweight or swivel chairs. This way you can create a temporary conversation area near the fireplace that can be easily rearranged later.

Another advantage to corner fireplaces is that they can fill an empty space in a large room. Additionally, if you have an unbalanced or awkwardly constructed room, a wood-burning corner fireplace can help balance it out.

Reason #4: Create an Inviting Business Environment

A wood-burning fireplace tucked away in the corner can not only enhance your home, but your business as well. Whether the office is in a professional setting or retail location, a corner fireplace can add a welcoming atmosphere for your clients. For example, since a fireplace provides a cozy environment, having one in a medical office can ease a patient’s anxiety.

Fireplaces create a relaxing ambiance in restaurants and a calming mood in salons or other spaces. Whatever type of business you own, consider the many advantages a corner wood-burning fireplace can bring to your establishment.

Additional Benefits

1If you are looking to enhance your home or business and have an empty corner in need of decoration, installing a fireplace might be what you need. Or, if you have an older wood-burning appliance, like a stove or fireplace, it is highly recommended that you upgrade. The Environmental Protection Agency states,  modern wood burning fireplaces are 50% more energy efficient and produce 70% less pollution than older models. Not only does a corner wood-burning fireplace add to the atmosphere of any room, it is also economically beneficial.

When selecting your corner wood-burning fireplace, seek advice from the experts. At Capo Artisan Series, we have over 100 years combined experience in the fireplace industry. We can provide you with the information you need and answer any questions you have. Our company is recognized as one of the top providers of modular fireplaces, including corner models.

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