When considering a gas-log fireplace for your home or business, look to Capo Fireside (Mason-Lite).

Mason-Lite, a leader in pre-fabricated modular fireplace kits, offers an array of gas log fireplaces to meet your personal needs, starting with the B-Vent gas-burning series modular masonry firebox kit.

The concept of the B-vent fireplace, also known as atmospherically-vented, or natural-draft, grew out of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Act laws regulating wood stoves, which first went into effect in 1988. Natural gas and propane fireplaces provide the benefits of a wood-burning fireplace, but with far lower emissions. As concerns for air quality increased, and rules, regulations and restrictions regarding wood-burning fireplaces became more prevalent, popularity in natural gas and propane fireplaces has grown.

Capo Artisan Series modular masonry gas fireplaces are designed for those who desire the convenience of a real fireplace for those special occasions, like dinner parties, and intimate gatherings with friends and family, but without the mess and hassle that comes with a wood-burning fireplace, and without having to collect and store stacks of firewood.

And with a Capo Artisan Series gas log fireplace, there’s no such thing as a “no-burn” restriction.

The Capo Artisan Series B-vent series of gas log systems offers an array of benefits and safety features. The B-vent system relies on a natural draft system and specially designed pipe to automatically carry combusted gases out of the home. Ventilation occurs naturally and doesn’t require electricity, thus improving safety.

Each unit is to be paired with a listed B-Vent chimney system, designed to protect both chimney and structure from fire and to be low-maintenance. We recommend chimney systems that meet UL 441 as well as UL 1777 requirements for residential factory-built, gas-burning chimneys.

Each Capo Artisan Series unit (MGFP39-MGFP49) comes with a standard 10-inch flue hole attaches to an anchor plate for your B-vent chimney system. Our MGFP43ST model comes with a standard 12 inch flue. B-vent chimney’s size makes it perfect for projects with reduced framing requirements.

Why go with a Capo Artisan Series B-vent system? For one, Mason-Lite’s combined 100-plus years of experience means we keep up to date on all local, state and federal requirements for safety and air quality protection. Our units meet EPA and current building codes for both indoor and outdoor construction. All Capo Artisan Series B-Vent fireplace systems are independently tested to pass the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z 21.50 gas fireplace safety standards when installed to manufacturer instructions for safe operation.

Capo Artisan Series B-Vent natural gas masonry fireplace systems provide the warm glow of a real wood fire. The fireplaces burn more cleanly, with lower outputs of carbon monoxide and other pollutants and particulate matter, than their wood-burning counterparts.

Capo Artisan Series also recognizes the added value of installing a gas fireplace in a new or existing home, and can customize your fireplace to give it an authentic look and feel of real wood. Our systems can be retro-fitted to fit your existing fireplace.

All Capo Artisan Series fireplaces kits are made in the U.S.A. Modular, pre-cast systems are light weight, which means lower shipping and handling costs and more affordable pricing. Because they are made of light-weight materials, Capo Artisan Series fireplaces are easy to install, and can be installed on multiple levels of the home or office with minimal reinforcement.

Capo Artisan Series offers three sizes – the 39-inch and 44-inch models offering 65,000 BTUs; and the 49-inch with an output of 80,000 BTUs. Capo Artisan Series B-vented series includes an RH Peterson “RealFyre” gas log set, designed to replicate the natural beauty of wood, with remote control.

Capo Artisan Series can also provide custom B-Vent Modular masonry fireplace for your special fireplace needs. Please visit artisanseriesbycapofireside.com/Customorder for more information and a quote.

Capo Artisan Series recommends you always maintain a reliable carbon monoxide detector in the home or office, regardless of what type of fireplace you use.

For more questions regarding which fireplace is right for you, call 844-254-CAPO, visit our website at www.artisanseriesbycapofireside.com, or find us on Facebook.

Whatever questions you have, Capo Artisan Series has the answer.

By Tamie Meck

June 9, 2015