Attention Capo Artisan Series Customers,

Over the years we have had many inquiries pertaining to offering certain complementary products. We are excited to present some new additions to our Capo Artisan Series Price-list that we feel will really benefit the sales of our products.

First, We are proud to announce that our “Pure-Burn” EPA Phase II Fireplace is coming on to the market. Currently we are offering the burner and grate system to be retrofitted into our AS44. For more information on this unit please contact us.

Second, We have added additional products to our Accessories and Dampers. We have added the see-thru air kit (ASST-AK) for both see-through units as well as custom units with square sides. We have added our new arch for use with the AS63 (AS-ARC63). We are also expanding our cast iron dampers to include all of our standard sizes (33″-63″). Note: The AS-CC56 is a custom made damper.

Third, We have added our both our Masonry Chimney Cap  as well as our Fire Ring Cap (AS-CAP) to the second page. Our masonry chimney cap acts as a spark arrestor as well as a rain/debris shield for our masonry chimney systems. The fire ring cap was added because our Unfinished Fire Ring does not include a cap because the customer has the option of using their own finishing material.

Lastly, We have added the Roof Radiation Shield (##DCA-RRS) as well as the Attic Insulation Shield (##DCA-IS) under the DuraChimney packages. We have found these to be very beneficial to the chimney systems.

These changes will take effect in September. Please contact us with any questions you may have about these changes.