Dear Customers,

Here at Capo Artisan Series we strive to offer the best products possible for your masonry fireplace needs. To make that possible we are constantly improving our products. Recently we have made two such changes that we believe will benefit the use and installation process of our products.

The first change we have made is to our mortar. We decided to reformulate our mortar to offer the best quality for masonry fireplace installations. This new mixture meets and exceeds the ASTM C-199 rating for high-temperature mortar. ICC has recently updated their requirements for masonry fireplace installations to include this rating.

The second change that we have made is to our T-Bar that supports our lintel system. We have heard from our installers that the lintel length is slightly too long for a flush installation. We have decreased the length to make sure that every installation is flush, yet very well supported. Another change we have made to our T-Bars is the addition of metal lath to the top of the T-Bar. This helps bond the T-Bar to the lentil with our new and improved masonry mortar.

Both of these changes will be included in all units produced after January 1, 2014. We enjoy bringing you the best products possible and we encourage all of our customers to give us any feed back that will help us do so.