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August 10, 2011 JANUARY 2011-

Capo partner joins HPBA Board of Directors for the Pacific affiliate in California.  He is slated to fly to Washington D.C. in May to be trained in the Government Affairs Academy. California has many challenges in dealing with regulations against fireplaces starting with the California Energy Commission (CEC), the Housing and Community Development Group who […]

October 2010 – Maui, Hawaii

Our Distributor Anthony Amaral, a mason on the island of Maui installed an AS49 for their customer Ron and Beth Daniels living on the Haleakala Highway. This was a first Capo Artisan Series installation for Capo, so it was important for our training crew to fly over to supervise the work and make sure it […]

August 4, 2011 NOVEMBER 2009 –

Capo has invested capital into new tooling to improve on the manufacturing of the firebox parts, in particular the sides and backs. The improvements include cleaner parts that have a rougher surface to allow the mortar to adhere better when laying the brick interiors. Improvements also include straighter sides so that shimming is not as […]

OCTOBER 2009 –

Capo joins Architect Industry Association (AIA) to provide training and continued educational units to their members. We are committed to educating architects in the new methods used with our products to install Capo Artisan Series fireplaces on second story homes and on combustible wood floors. Our staff is trained to provide presentations to AIA chapter […]

JUNE 2009 –

Capo is announcing the release of their new smaller outdoor fireplace. With the growth in the outdoor business as more and more homeowners are staying in and improving their homes, there has been in huge upswing in outdoor fireplaces. To fill in the void at the smaller end of our line, the AS33 is a […]