Our Capo Artisan Series masonry fireplaces are the most heat-resistant fireboxes available and are more lightweight than any other. They comply with all building code standards, which includes local, state and federal requirements. These factory-built fireplaces come in five different sizes: 33″, 39″, 44″, 49″, 63″, and 75″. We also have a 43″ see-through model available.

The Capo Artisan Series is about half the weight and half the price of traditional masonry wood-burning fireplaces. This gives homeowners and contractors a product that is a great bargain and very convenient. Because masonry fireplaces are so lightweight, upper-floor masonry fireplaces are possible. Likewise, they are easy to transport and therefore have lower shipping and handling costs.


Special Features and Benefits of this Product

  • Manufactured in the U.S.
  • Limited lifetime warranty available
  • Half the price of basic hand-built masonry fireplaces
  • Cheaper shipping and handling costs
  • Wider heat radiant and energy efficient
  • Tested heat resistance up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Options of indoor or outdoor, wood burning or gas models
  • Numerous firebox sizes available, all lightweight
  • Multi-story combustible floor installations possible
  • Highest resistance strength at 28 days with exceptional thermal capabilities
  • Meets the UL 127 and UL 103 chimney component requirements
Doesn’t the idea of a cozy masonry fireplace in your bedroom sound wonderful? How about an outdoor fireplace where family and friends can spend some quality time? These dreams can become realities with the Capo Artisan Series masonry fireplaces. Our factory-built fireboxes are consistently high in quality, affordable, and easy to use. Not only are they a nice luxury to have, they can also increase the value of your home. Take a look at our charming gallery of fireplaces so you can turn your wishes into realities.
*A fully assembled Capo Artisan Series masonry fireplace.



Wood Burning FAQs

Wood burning models:  AS33, AS39, AS44, AS49, AS63.


Q: Is it safe to use the fireplace?

A: Yes, our fireplaces have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories, a global independence safety science company. These fireplaces have a UL 127 Standard for safety. The fireplaces are also listed by PFS testing agency and the ICC (International Code Council). Quality control guidelines have been used during manufacturing.


Q: Am I able to install the fireplace on a wood floor?

A : Yes, but make sure to use a metal base under the unit. You can use the required one sold by CAPO, or a CMU block.


Q: Is it necessary to install the outside air kit on the fireplace?

A: You will need to check the local building code to see if it is required in your area. The fireplace will work just fine without the outside air kit. However, it is more effective to use the outside air for combustion.


Q: Do I have to put firebrick inside the firebox?

A: Yes. You can get firebrick panels for easy installation from CAPO, or you can have a mason lay the firebrick for you.


Q: What kind of chimney should I use on this type of fireplace?

A: These fireplaces have been tested with both an Capo listed metal chimney and an Capo masonry chimney. There are metal chimneys of various diameters that you can use for the different models.


Q: What are the minimum and maximum fireplace heights for the Capo Artisan Series fireplaces?

A: After installation, the fireplace has a maximum height of 80 feet. The minimum installation height with a straight chimney is 14 feet, and 17 feet for one without a straight chimney.


Q: Will I need to have a grate or log holder in the fireplace?

A: Yes. For adequate safety measures and better combustion, you will need to use a grate to hold the wood.


Q: Am I allowed to install decorative marble, stone, or a mantel on the front of the fireplace?

A: Yes, just make sure to follow the installation instructions to ensure it is done safely.


Q: What about decorative gas logs or a log lighter? Can I install those?

A: You can install decorative gas logs and log lighters in these wood burning fireplaces. Again, follow the manufacturers instructions on this matter for safe set-up and use.



Q: Can I install a glass door on the fireplace?

A: Yes. Make sure to comply with the manufacturers instructions and keep the glass doors wide open when the fireplace is in use.


Q: Is it possible to install the fireplace on upper level floors of a building?

A: Yes. Capo fireplaces have a very lightweight design that allows for most upper-level installations. To see if this is a possibility, you will need a structural engineer to inspect the area. They can determine the load limit of the flooring.


Q: Is there an option to install a see-through wood burning fireplace?

A: Yes, this is the ASST43 model. A chimney exhaust-type fan will need to be installed with most of these systems.


Q: Can the fireplace be installed outside?

A: Yes, it works BOTH indoors and outdoors.